Friday, July 12, 2013

Driving Force: Travis Fry (inFEST Tucson, Freedom Assault, Resisting Arrest AZ)

In this edition of Driving Force, we tracked down the illustrious and mysterious Travis Fry, main man behind Resisting Arrest AZ, Freedom Assault and the annual spectacle of punk that is inFEST Tucson. In between being in a band and running the Resisting Arrest empire, Travis still finds time to put together inFEST each year, which focuses the spotlight directly on Arizona's amazing punk scene for one weekend every year. Travis is also a long time collector of Russian nesting dolls, and continues to write his first Broadway musical in his spare time. He's also been known to count the grains of sand on random beaches across the country. Essentially, Travis is a punk rock Rain Man, and is ultimately cooler than you will ever hope to be. We cornered him outside the local 7/11 where he was trading inFEST tickets to kids for their free Slushees and asked him a few pertinent questions.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am Travis Fry. I book local shows. I play guitar and do vocals in Freedom Assault. I video tape local bands and help promote them through my Youtube channel (

2. inFEST is now in it's second year. What's different about this year and what can we look forward to next year?

Last year was essentially a giant local show. We had a couple out of town bands but mainly it was a ton of bands of all different genres playing. It was fun, cheap and brought together a big crowd. This year kind of exploded into something a little more substantial. We got two amazing headliners. Fantastic bands from all over Arizona and some of the greatest local bands Tucson has to offer. As far as next year, I hope to expand even more. Maybe make it a two day event. Maybe incorporate some of the small venues as well. Lots of ideas and lots of time to make it happen.

3. How confusing would the flier be if you got Infest to play inFEST?

I would say that it would be pretty sweet. Infest to infest Tucson at inFEST Tucson.

4. Tell us a little about Freedom Assault.

Freedom Assault started in 2004 in Maine. We relocated to Tucson in 2007. Had lots of line up changes but we keep going. We have released a 7" and CD EP. We have a new EP releasing at inFEST titled Ecocide.

5. Would you rather have the head of a human with the body of a dog; or the body of a human with the head of a dog? (In both cases you have human intelligence, and the dog is a golden retriever...)

I would prefer the head of a dog. I enjoy my thumbs way too much.

6. You also run Resisting Arrest Records. Anything new to look forward to from the label?

We don't really consider ourselves a record label as it is a very small part of what we do as Resisting Arrest AZ. We mainly focus on the community aspect of music with booking shows and helping bands get a wider audience. All that said, we are releasing Freedom Assault's new EP Ecocide. We are hoping to press it as a 7" but as of now it will be released as a CD and digital release.

7. What exactly is a Murder Construct? And could it lead people to Early Graves?

I am imagine a Murder Construct to be a giant sentient machine that is built for the sole purpose of murdering. So yeah it could definitely lead to an Early Grave.

8. When people say "up the punx", how high are we talking? Would they need a rocket?

I would say pretty high. They wouldn't NEED a rocket but man, that would be pretty sweet to have a rocket to shoot punk into space. Then we would have Punk Goes to Space. Everybody knows that putting anything in space makes it awesome.

9. If you could get paid $5 a minute to listen to Glenn Danzig talk about himself nonstop, for 24 hours a day, how many hours would it be before you stop getting paid and walked off the job?

I have a high tolerance for shitty jobs so I could probably last for days.

10. The last words are yours...

inFEST is Saturday, July 13th! Hope to see each and every one of you there!

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