Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Interview: Ryan Butler (Landmine Marathon, Arcane Digital Recording)

 Photo by Fred Pessaro

AoC: Hi Ryan! First off we wanted to thank you for sitting down with Axe of Contrition for our very first interview! We understand you just made it home from a US tour with Warbringer, Lazarus A.D. and Diamond Plate, so we appreciate you taking the time for this. Let's start this off with you telling us a little about yourself, what you do, and your history in the Arizona music scene.

RB: Wow, well, that's a long history because I'm getting to be old as dirt in hardcore and metal years. Haha. I currently play guitar and write for Landmine Marathon and run Arcane Digital Recording up in Chandler, Arizona. I've been playing music and recording for many years and my obsession with metal and all things heavy began as a youngster in the early '80's and I grew to love all kinds of music. I've mostly played in heavy bands, but always dream of doing some acoustic indie project. Haha. I started playing in the orchestra in the late '80's and kept with that 'til I graduated in '95 and in high school I began playing in punk and hardcore bands. Since then, I've played with the likes of Wellington, Unruh, North Side Kings, Structure of Lies, Lyburnum, the mighty Richard Cranium, etc. and toured around the world. I've been engineering for a living since 2004 and been into recording since around '96. I've always been a big proponent of Arizona and I truly love this state and the people in it.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spotlight: Wrathgate

Wrathgate is a very new band out of Tucson made up of parts of a few previous bands, most notably Diminishing Breed and the amazing A Breath Before Surfacing, which was vocalist Dustin Curtis' previous band. They play a very melodic and brutal version of death metal, residing somewhere between the foundation death metal laid down by At The Gates and Carcass, and the modern death metal made by bands such as The Black Dahlia Murder. Mason Pomeroy is a standout lead guitarist, exhibiting the full range of soloing skills needed to blaze an imprint on your metal mind, and Dustin Curtis is a next level vocalist, possessing a multi-faceted range of screams and growls. In fact, every single member of this band is a polished professional player, more than capable of producing this type of music at the highest level.


Their next show in Tucson is the annual Toys For Tots Benefit at The Rock (136 N. Park Ave.) on December 10th. If death metal is your thing, I suggest that you drop whatever you're doing that night and make sure you check these guys out!

Wrathgate: Facebook

Wrathgate: Reverbnation

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Video: Landmine Marathon "Shadows Fed To Tyrants"

Witnessed: The Sword & Godhunter at Club Congress on 11/16/11

Blood, Sweat and Whiskey
By: Luther Von Fuzz

Musica delenet bestiam feram (music tames the wild beast) is the Latin phrase set in iron art across the stage of Club Congress, and for those doom metal fans that occupied this historic Tucson venue on November 16th for The Sword and Godhunter show, the music did just that. Of course, it should go without mention, but the legendary Tap Room at Hotel Congress, it's gracious staff, and the choice drafts, did their fair share to tame the savage beats in all of us as well.

Reviews: We Killed The Union "Bloodset Arizona"

By: Salvia Hex

We Killed The Union is a fairly new band from Tucson, having spent a couple years honing their skills on the local scene and the road before recording this, their debut effort. Their incendiary live shows have become quite the attraction in the Old Pueblo, bringing to mind some of the greats from yesteryear, like Pantera, who is obviously a touchstone in their music. I recently was sent a copy of this album for review, so let's dissect this and see what makes it tick.

Reviews: Lethal Dosage "Inhale"

By: Garviel Loken

When you listen to a lot of modern metal, you tend to have trouble differentiating one album from the next. Overuse of the screamed verse and the pretty boy sung chorus, THAT one breakdown (you know which one I'm talking about, bro), and the same four or five blatantly plagiarized At the Gates riffs leave you adrift in the primordial sea of mediocrity. Luckily, Tucson's Lethal Dosage found a way to circumvent this hazard to navigation and sail out into open waters.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Witnessed: Maryland Death Fest 2011

By: Salvia Hex

Last year I sat idly by and wept gentle tears into my Cheerios as Entombed, Bolt Thrower and Eyehategod destroyed the 8th Annual Maryland Death Fest. As such, I made a solemn pact with myself that come Hell or high cholesterol, I'd be at MDF this year. When the headliners, Neurosis, Coroner and Voivod were announced, I booked hotels and flights. When it was then announced that Ghost would be doing their first ever American gig, I wet my pants and went back to crying gently into more Cheerios, only this time they were Honey Nut, which are obviously the superior Cheerios.

 (These are bullshit. Don't even go there, sister.)