Friday, January 11, 2013

Best Of: 2012 Musician's Picks - Part I

For this series of Top ten lists, we sent out a call to duty to all the rockers and ragers that make up Arizona's incredible heavy music scene. We got a good amount of responses this year, so we compiled them all here for your amusement. Give this list a good once over, then hit the Axe's Facebook page to discuss, agree, argue and threaten each other with bodily harm. Get into it!

Best Of: 2012 Staff Picks

By: Salvia Hex

It's about that time of year to hit the internet with our annual Best Of lists. Unlike a lot of music sites, we like to wait until the year is actually over before compiling our lists. So since we're balls deep into January of 2013 now, it's a good time to get these things rolling. We'll start you off with the staff picks from myself and Garviel Loken. The lists we gathered up from a number of Arizona musicians will be following in the next post. Hopefully you can find something on here new to listen, or at least something to argue about.