Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reviews: Bloody Corpse Dismemberment "Gutfuck"

By: Garviel Loken

Dirty, nasty, and completely raw, Bloody Corpse Dismemberment certainly does not hold back the punches on their new record. If you have a pacemaker or other serious medical condition, you are advised to not listen to this music, it may translate you to the great beyond prematurely. That being said, the rest of you gather around the campfire so we can get down to hammering brass tacks into your faces.

Full of disturbing samples between and within the songs (see the beginning of BCD for proof,) Bloody Corpse Dismemberment bring a mixture of grindcore, death metal, crust, and even a little thrash to the table. They then proceed to blow up that table, killing and maiming innocent bystanders in the process. Come on, they have a song called Skullfucked By Dynamite for the love of Larry, whoever the fuck he is... Anyway, focus is almost impossible because this album is pure audio chaos. This is music to listen to while destroying things, simple as that.

There isn't one track that stands out from the rest. Rather, the album should be embraced as a whole, especially considering how short most of the songs are. Fast, brutal, and relentless seems to be the modus operandi. Hell, if these songs that BCD play don't cause violent pits at a live show, something is wrong with people. All the hallmarks are certainly present on this recording for an apocalyptic mosh. Rapid fire riffs and machine gun drumming mow down the senses while the vocals rant and tear out of the speakers like a thrice damned lunatic who just did a shit ton of angel dust. Seriously, they sound like someone being tortured with a very rusty knife, and boy does it fit the music well.

Recording wise, this record is very lo-fi and primitive, but that can be a plus when you're grinding away, and is certainly the case with BCD. Ultra clean production could be considered slightly dishonest when you're playing down and dirty music like this. So kudos to this band for doing it like they did and keeping things in the gutter. If you don't like it, you can always walk away, though you might get kissed on the neck by a machete if you do so.

You know what? Screw the description of this band that was stated earlier in the review. When you get right down to it, Bloody Corpse Dismemberment is really just punk rock. They do what they please and don't care what you think. Is that an intentional point they are trying to get across with this album? It sure as hell seems like it. Attitude seeps right out of these songs the moment you hit play, and that is how it should be. Grind on.

Final Score: 7/10

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  1. "They do what they please and don't care what you think. Is that an intentional point they are trying to get across with this album? It sure as hell seems like it."

    they have shirts that say "Fuck What People Think."

    point noted!

    these guys are friends of mine - hella nice dudes and metal to the bone. make sure to see them at Southwest Terror Fest!