Sunday, September 23, 2012

Driving Force: Dave Carroll (Southwest Terror Fest, Diseased Reason)

By: Salvia Hex

We had a chance to sit down with Dave Carroll, guitar wizard of Diseased Reason and Inoculara and one of the driving forces behind the Southwest Terror Fest, a fully DIY undertaking, booked by musicians, for musicians. Keep reading for some insight into the fest, it's origins and Dave's issues with Danish midgets...

AoC: Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

DC: In my day to day ho-hum work life, I'm the kitchen manager at the Surly Wench Pub. I also pull part time hours flipping the almighty burger at Lindy's on 4th. When I'm not busy wasting my life away, I'm constantly searching for and listening to new music. Doesn't matter the genre as long as it's good.

AoC: How did the idea for the Southwest Terror Fest come about? And what is the goal behind bringing a festival of this nature to a smaller market like Tucson?

DC: The idea for the fest came from David Rodgers (of Tucson sludge terrorists Godhunter) and myself griping about the lack of/or small numbers of quality metal shows in Tucson. Not knocking on the local scene, but there's so many people out there that don't know we exist as a viable market for these types of shows. So we put our beards together and reached out to all of our different contacts and stared planning. A million text messages, unknown amounts of PBR, and a couple little headaches later, the Southwest Terror Fest is ready to be vomited upon the great state of AZ.

AoC: You have booked bands from as far away as the east coast, along with a bunch of local Arizona bands. Who are you most looking forward to seeing?

DC: I'm really looking forward to catching Hull. I have a lot of respect for them having come all the way from Brooklyn to play this little fest that everyone will be talking about next year. Also, Sons of Tonatiuh. They made a pretty impressive trek as well. As for "locals", Swampwolf kills it every time. Cave Dweller is sick. Tucson crusties Vanish Twin have been doing some amazing stuff lately. Thorncaster is another hometown band that is making some serious waves too. Then of course, Godhunter. These guys have a work ethic one could only describe as militaristic. But I'm pretty sure that over the course of two days and 32 some odd bands that I'll find something new to get all hyped up about.

AoC: If the festival goes well, can we expect to see another one next year? And do you have any plans to expand the show if you do hold another one?

DC: If this year goes well, then for fucking sure you can expect to see another installment!!! I can only hope that given the right reactions that next year could maybe expand into 3 days. Maybe even a second venue. That's what I'd like.

AoC: It looks like there are bands from a wide variety of underground scenes. Was it your goal to bring so many genres together, and do you feel you're able to represent all the assorted genres well?

DC: The reason behind the diversity of the bands on this fest is simple - keep peoples attention. I've gone to shows in the past where it was the same sounding band after another. And no matter how killer the lineup was, it got a bit boring being hit with the same tired blastbeat or pitched harmonic for 6 hours. And yes, I do feel that we have pulled in an amazing roster of bands to rep their respected sub-genres. All the bands playing are sure to catch some attention if they haven't already. If I didn't feel that, then half of them wouldn't be playing.

AoC: I understand that your new band, Diseased Reason, will be playing their first ever show on Friday night of the Fest. Tell us a little about this new endeavor...

DC: My new band Diseased Reason is indeed playing. This collective came together after me and Eli Bloch realized we needed to get some shit together. We also had heard a friend was moving and she wanted a band to play her going away party. So we went to the jam pad, put together 5 songs in as many days and played her party as a two piece instrumental group with a couple samples thrown in. Dorian Rainwater was there and said he was into it and wanted to do vox. Soon though, we added David Rodgers to the main vocal spot with Dorito moving to bass and secondary vox. Unfortunately, David has had to drop out due to his own busy schedule so Connor Woods has taken over. We'll be going into the Saltmine Studio Oasis with our buddy Billy Anderson a couple days after the fest to record our debut record,which will drop later this year/early new year on the super awesome Forest Moon Special Products label. Check them out, they've put out some killer stuff!!!

Forest Moon Special Products

Diseased Reason Official Facebook Page

AoC: If you were trapped on a desert island with only a copy of Metallica's Lulu and Megadeth's Risk, who would you kill first, MegaDave or Lars?

DC: Wow. That's a tricky one. Both those albums sucked more than a Tenderloin hooker during fleet week. But, I'd have to say Lars. That midget has bugged me since the crap that was the "Black" album.

AoC: There is also a pre-Fest party on Thursday at The Surly Wench. Give us a rundown of what will be happening there.

DC: The pre-party is basically going to be different dudes from bands playing the fest DJing some of the best metal from all the different sub-genre's of the underground. Tucson brutalists Wrathgate will be playing a set at 11p.m. It's a party for everyone who's going to the fest that's 21+.

Wrathgate Official Facebook Page

Southwest Terror Fest Pre-Party Event Page

AoC: Lastly, what can the fans expect from the Southwest Terror Fest?

DC: Fans can expect to be up close and personal with all the bands. This fest is for fans, by fans. If you think dude played a killer riff, then tell 'em. Buy merch. Drink beers (if you're able). But most importantly, have fun. If everyone can do that and this goes off well, like I said before, next year will be even bigger. Thanks for listening. Cheers!!!


Southwest Terror Fest Official Facebook Event

Southwest Terror Fest Official Facebook Page

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