Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Reviews: Godhunter/Anakim Split 7"

By: Garviel Loken

Two of Tucson's heaviest hitting bands have come together to produce a limited edition 7" vinyl that features one new track from each artist. Featuring some insanely tasteful artwork, the cover for each artist is probably worth the purchase price alone, and we haven't even gotten down to brass tacks about the actual music yet. This excellent art definitely reinforces the age old idea that whats on the cover can enhance the listening experience and provide a basis for kick starting the imagination.

First up for a spin is Vulture's Wake by Godhunter. This undeniably heavy song shows a slightly different aspect of the Godhunter modus operandi, which normally espouses slow burning riffs backed by groove and punk attitude. All of these are still present within the new track of course, but there is a slight shift with the injection of a jaunty rhythmic pulse that makes the song walk around with a Cathedral like sense of fun. The chorus is the most memorable area of the song and flows like venomous honey into the ear, compelling the listener to sing along and cause some ruckus somewhere.

On the flip side of the 7", we are treated to The Whimper of Whipped Dogs by Anakim. Awesome song naming there and the music is top notch, more than worthy to bear such a title. Beginning with a mournful, melodic passage, the song launches into a heavy dirge that howls like the cold wind in some godforsaken corner of tundra. The latter half of the track takes a left turn and picks up the pace with a memorable thrashy section. During these final seconds, the tempo accelerates each time it is played until finally ending on a single, resounding snare drum hit. This song is very intriguing as it shows that Anakim has grown musically since their last release, but that they have also kept their strong ability to lay down dense, melodic atmospheres within their music.

You can't always take a cue about a band's direction from one track on a split release, but both of the songs on this new 7" clearly show that Godhunter and Anakim aren't staying within the narrow bounds of what has come before in their musical output. Therefore, these tracks can really be viewed as bridges from the past into the future or as snapshots for single moments in their respective band histories. Godhunter is releasing a new album soon and surely Anakim has something more in the works as well. Once both bands release new music, it will be easier to put these interim tracks into perspective. For now, though, they stand solid on their own merits and are quite enjoyable. Rumor has it that this 7" will be debuting for sale during Southwest Terror Fest, if so, snag one before they are gone and get into the killer tunes and artwork these bands have to offer.

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