Monday, April 29, 2013

Reviews: Unfortunate Sircumstances "2012 EP"

By: Garviel Loken

Gritty and completely unpolished, this three song introduction to Unfortunate Sircumstances unleashes a deluge of crusty hardcore punk in under four minutes. The brevity of the material certainly fits the style that the band plays, but leaves the listener wanting more of it. However, there is fortunately just enough substance on this EP to give a satisfying taste of what Unfortunate Sircumstances has to offer for future efforts.

Beginning with an ominous and undeniably awesome main riff in My Boss OD'd, the track crawls sloth-like out of the speakers for a few moments before building up the tempo to a pummeling and abrupt conclusion. Follow up track Tucson Weather Will Fry Your Brain is a straight up punk noise assault with a catchy chorus. The third and final track, You Stupid Cunt, is a chaotic blast fest that degenerates into a bog of groovy sludge during the last half of the song.

All together, Unfortunate Sircumstances has high energy and some good ideas to offer. The only obvious thing that could be improved upon is recording quality. While there is a charm to lo-fi recordings, a touch of polishing clarity has a lot to offer for bands with such chaotic songs. Let's hope that this band records some more full length material soon that will give listeners a better insight into what they are all about.

Final Score: 7/10

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