Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Witnessed: The Sword & Godhunter at Club Congress on 11/16/11

Blood, Sweat and Whiskey
By: Luther Von Fuzz

Musica delenet bestiam feram (music tames the wild beast) is the Latin phrase set in iron art across the stage of Club Congress, and for those doom metal fans that occupied this historic Tucson venue on November 16th for The Sword and Godhunter show, the music did just that. Of course, it should go without mention, but the legendary Tap Room at Hotel Congress, it's gracious staff, and the choice drafts, did their fair share to tame the savage beats in all of us as well.

I was excited to see this stacked line-up with local favorite Godhunter and their Sonoran desert sludge coupled with touring doom band, The Sword, whom I had the privilege seeing two months earlier at the Marquee Theatre in Phoenix. On that tour they were opening the show for the mother of all stoner rock bands Kyuss Lives. Tonight though, they were traveling through Tucson on their own. Club Congress’ intimate style of venue made it a perfect place to experience both bands up close.

The venue was very full for a Wednesday night. People began to crowd near the stage area as a low rumble emitted from the stage, signifying that Godhunter had started playing. Godhunter brought the heaviness with their signature downtuned sludge riffs cranked to 11, with lead guitarist David Rodgers at the helm of the attack. Charlie Touseull presented himself as a formidable and commanding frontman with his growling, regimented vocals. Godhunter finished the last two songs of the night with guest vocalist Sean Raines of local band We Killed the Union. The two frontman gave the crowd a double dose of growling doom, leaving nothing in their path as this heavy local band proved themselves to be in a different class


The Sword came on roughly after 10 and for the next hour it would be a Mecca of rock fist, mosh pits, and head bobbing. These rowdy Texans were truly on another level that night, giving the fans one of the best Tucson shows I have seen in a while, kicking off the action with The Sundering, the opener from their amazing album "Gods Of the Earth."

It's fitting that in the hotel where John Dillinger once stayed, JD Cronise and Kyle Shutt traded rapid fire riffs back and forth like Tommy gun wielding gangsters. The Sword set list was mostly comprised of songs from there current album, Warp Riders, but they also played some of my favorites from Age of Winters like Barael’s Blade, Freya, and Lament For The Aurochs. Another couple of obvious crowd favorites were blistering version of The Black River and How Heavy This Axe. All in all it was a awesome night to be a fan of heavy music. Both bands put on a awesome display of metal goodness leaving the blood, sweat and whiskey on our clothes and the big riffs ringing on our brains.

 All photos courtesy of PESTILENCE PHOTOGRAPHY

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